StummFilmMusikTage 2011
Saturday, January 29th

4pm Charlie Chaplin in The Rink Short Film Programme: Charlie Chaplin's Adventures
The Rink (USA 1916)
Behind the Screen (USA 1916)
A Night in the Show (USA 1915)
(Short Films, USA 1915 - 16, 65 min, Dir: Charles Chaplin) –
Score and accompaniment: Yogo Pausch
5:30pm »Introduction: All Quiet on the Western Front«
Upper Foyer
6:30 Im Westen Nichts Neues All Quiet on the Western Front
(USA 1930, 145 min, Dir: Lewis Milestone) –
Music: Manfred Knaak; Accompaniment: ensemble KONTRASTE conducted by Christian Schumann
10pm Das J¨ungste Gericht The End of the World(Verdens Undergang)
(DK 1916, 74 min, Dir: August Blom) –
Music and accompaniment: Interzone Perceptible